Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014

This night..

moving foward ASAP

Holaa.. long time not write in my lovely blog. Actually, I so miss write here but I dont have much money for buy 'Pulsa' for my internet packet haha. maybe from now, I'll use english but who knows if I change my mind for write in bahasa again kkk. Why am I use english? ahh this bad man! because people outside already know my Blog, so they can read everything that I wrote. So annoying, I can not bring out my problem into my world. 

And this night, I feel empty. Dunno why am I like this?! that I know, I'm really looking for job. Better job than now. It was so frustrated  back to several month ago 'till now actually. Maybe, I am a 'matre' woman, but the matter?!. My job, my salary, my environment ah molla.

Maybe I am a hypocrite because I am telling that I really hate my job's environment but I am still working in that office. I need money to man, to pay for all I needs. That's all my wrong? I really hate if end of month where I make monthly report. Maybe I am an accounting but why are you discriminating me? Am I already make mistake to you? or maybe you really wanna this position?! Take it, I dont need, take it for you all. Just because you wanna this position, you treat me like I am nothing, I am the stupid dumbass in this world. Take it to your 'beautiful' world. 

Oh man, how shit you do that thing to me 'till 8 month?!. Maybe the last, I am just whatever but 'lama-lama kan jengah'. You holly shit that I ever know!! how can I be the worst person like this? If I am do this like I am seem like you. 

Now this is time for looking new job. I can do it, yep you can do it mi. Fighting!!!!!!

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